I was really busy last friday. What am I busy-ing of? There was a shoot at studio and I had to help out. It was my very first time to be in a studio except for my own potrait shooting at bridal shop years back. It was really different and so so interesting.
The beast that was used for the shoot of the day. Half way through the shoot the photographer drop this babe and I was more heart broken than he does.

This is one of the model of the day. It will be review soon of her real look. It is a P & C until the day the magazine publish, so everyone please stay tuned for it.
One of the photographer of the day. I think he did a great job and I remember the day before the shoot I see him he don't looks like one because he is not arrogant at all.

I would reveal more of the pictures as soon as the magazine are out. There is more picture behind the scne to share with. STAY TUNED!!


Anonymous said…
hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....
-pEi- said…
hello hapi,
ur nick was so happy
thanks for dropping by and lots of blog u have

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