SmiLeY mOOn

It is just beginning and starting of the month but going to be the last month of the year. This will also be the most happening month because lots of seasons coming soon.Tonnes of celebration awaiting to be celebrated.

On this first day it is already a new beginning and great start. My friend had been receiving call about this antonished happenings. Later, I received sms from friend about it again. Looking up to the balcony which is just few step away from where I am, I saw what they are so surprising of.
It is moon with its friend the stay which make up a smiley face!!
Isn't this a good sign?? I wonder far away, my lovely home Miri, anyone did saw it.....


shirley. said…
miri cant see it lar.. so pity.. i can only see pics instead. so kelian. everyone was saying how pretty it was.. hahha.. glad u see it.. hehhe

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