This is a movie that I had been waiting for since I saw the preview. As I understand from the preview, it is something similar to The Day After Tomorrow which is a very meaningful and also give us great morale movie. This movie is most similar to that movie to. Bringing up certain message to us, the human kind.

This movie is actually screening about human kind of earth which had been seriously damaging the world. Some sort of alien or kind of living kinds from some other planets had been coming over to investigate further this matter.
Kaaltu ( Keanu Reeves) is the one who had been send over to the earth. After further questioning of their kind which had been send over decades ago they had decide to take action to save the earth. Helen which is a micro biology lecturer had been invlving in these and had been helping Kalltu before she knows his real intention.
After knowing that the real intention of Kaaltu, she tried her very best to persuade him to give human kind to change. At first Kaaltu was not confidence about it but till the end of movie he knows human kind can real change when they know they need to do so.
Ended up it is not that vad at all. It is an average for me as I had been expecting much more than what it real is. But I still think the message that the movie trying to bring up or what I can feel is really deep to the heart. Do not wait till the earth really destroy to change but change before it is really too late!!!!


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