King and Family at Madam Kwan's!!!

Today had plan in mind to be done and today is kind of happy day because the last assignment will be passed up today! Before I get to pass up my assignments, I received an unexpected called in the morning. King's is here in KL!!!!!

After done my thing then I met him up at KLCC! So sorry for him to wait for me but I had promised to meet him and his family and they are really nice nice person!!!

We went to Madam Kwan's restaurant as his wife wanted to try it. Of course I had no objection because I just love to it ma!!! Hahahahaha......Here we goes the MENU!!!

this is for his kids which is so so cute!!!
Beef Rendang
Asam Vegeterian
KaiLan with Garlic
-pEi- & Esther

She is so lovely. Her brother is so shy that he even rejected to take pic with -pEi-. I did not get to take pic with the king's couple too but really envy that they are so so sweetie!!!
Nice meet you all!!!!!!


i blog / u read said…
been here. good meals.
-pEi- said…
yeah not bad
first time there
more to homemead dishes which make me think of home

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