Malaysia is having sales again. It has been a tradition for Malaysia to have sales on the year end because year end is when lots lots of seasonal celebration going on. Christmas, New Year Eve and then after that is Chinese Year. This year instead the name had change. Do you still remember last year name?? Y.E.S! It means Year End Sales. This Year it had change to The Malaysia Savings Sale. Due to many consequences, Malaysia had come out with this hoping Malaysian would save more during shopping.
A lot of campaign had been going on. I never know this sales is so so and so so nice with lots of campaign which allows me to get more pictures even during my shopping and also movie time.
Clown and people with mask all over hte place but those with mask is rather bit scary!!!!
This 2 weird alien or monster is so attracting but at the same time scary.

-pEi- & CLOWN
This clown is so so cute. Really good in posting because facing different camera sure with different post!!!!
Hoping everyone out there enjoying The Malaysia Savings Sale. The sale starts on 29 November 2008 and will ends on 4 January 2009. So, get your feet fast and walk to the nearest shopping mall to grab any piece you love before it is too late or before it ends!!!!!


dasolve said…
i want crocs sandals!
-pEi- said…
sure sure
I will definitely look for gor when I finish everything and go out there to turn over every angle of the mall....
We hope BigSale Malaysia can continuously promote Malaysia Mega Sale.

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