A 'mini' Happy Day =)

It is indeed a happy day for me today. First of all, I had once again pass up another assignment and that will left me only two assignments to go which will pass up on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Next, I heard from my friends that the timetable for final exam is out. I was indeed so so nervous and cant wait to have a look but at the same time a little bit worried. It is because our college exam period will start from 14 January 2009 to 24 January 2009. After that, continue again on 3 February 2009 till 7 February 2009. Wil stop in between because we are celebrating Chinese New Year!! ( important time of all)

I quickly rush into the library and look around for a PC for me to sit down and check the timetable. Lucky me to find one because mostly its full everytime I looked around. Log in to my college website typing everything in lightning speed and can't wait for the screen to appear. WOW!!!

16-Jan-09 Corporate Governance
17-Jan-09 Malaysian Taxation
20-Jan-09 Corporate Administration
22-Jan-09 Corporate Financial Management II
23-Jan-09 Financial Accounting II

I told you I was so so so so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! But I will still fly back KL after that because I had actually book the tickets ages ago due to uncertainty of the timetable. But it will be a happy one!! I get to spend some time with my friends before I really leave the college!!


CkY said…
mean after CNY got no more exam loh loh ?!?!?!?!?!?
hahaha......u know what i want to said ar ???? hehehe.......
-pEi- said…
yea yea....
so so happy with the time table

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