the S factor

Mood had been swinging since yesterday and I also don't know how it comes and why is it so???
Maybe it is because things around me turn worst and also myself. From someone close to me to myself. Somemore exam is around the corner.......
Today I woke up and find out actually I had turn worst.
Feeling so so tired, desperate and also incapable of doing anything.
I start to think maybe because I am behaving most of the S attitude?
Stingy Selfish Self-Centered


= FLoReNcE = said…
Cheer up pei pei!!!

Sometimes, I do have the same feeling as yours too. Perhaps u need to take some rest now...take some interesting activites n relax ur mind now. CHEERS!!!
-pEi- said…
Thanks my dear
Now I am much better after deep thought
But sometimes really feel the imperfect in myself which is clearly seen and undeniable

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