Yvonne's Birthday Celebration

Its december again. Another year is almost till the end....This month will also be a busy month for me. Lots of plan, lots of happenings and lots of ASSIGNMENTS too!!!

Back to what I am going to write in here. It is my buddy buddy birthday coming soon but due to come circumstances we are celebrating it early with her. She is my best best buddy since I ws here. We can never be apart just like triplets with another good friend.

Again went to Red Box to sing and same time release some stress. Shouting is the best medicine for stress release but apply for student like us ONLY, I guess....hehehe

After singing, we went to shop for while before we had dinner. We had been planning for weeks for these day to come. This is the place that we head to after tiring of shopping and time to fill stomach after whole day of hunger.
I had been here once but did not bring my lovely companion along so this time I will not miss out a chance of it to run from my lens.
U - Village

yin yang
This is refillable for free without any limitation.....SYOK!!!
Wantan Noodle

Yau Ma Tei
Ever see anything in fruit?? I mean have you ever imagine something that can be use as plate but can be eatable at the same time???? Yes but not much...but this is so eye catching when I look at the menu....

Rice IN Pumpkin
Average the food is not bad and really looks good from the outside. Some of it is just alright compare to another well known restaurant but indeed it is another good try in life. Food is always a MUST in life!!!!


Kevin said…
wow amazing food ler makes me hungry in the morning again hahahahah
garrylin said…
can la the food there... POOR service some times... the pineapple fried rice's terrible... and EXPENSIVE... overall... okay only la.. in the golden triangle...

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