Happy New Year 2009

In just in a blink of an eye it is now end of 2008 already.
Had u think what had u been done in this 365 days, 12 months or year?
Had you done anything that you wished to do or achieved?
Had you done anything that you are proud of?
Had you done anything that you really regret?

I almost end my studies. I went to place that I wish to go. I tried the food that I had never tried before. I met people that is good and out of my expectation. Someone had change my life totally and really made me realise life is so so short and unpredictable. I had feel so many uncertain feelings that actually change me. It was like I was normal then suddenly someone took me to Heaven and suddenly I was feeling people pushing me into Hell. It was so so hard to be used to it and get through it. I get a memorable 21st birthday which only came once in a life time only. There's too much too much to list but it had happen and also a history for me already.
(*every single color means things that I had done in different months)

What ever it is, it will be a passed.
It will be a memory, a lesson or a great experience.
2008 had been a tough year, great year ad sort of memorable one I considered.
I had been go through lots lots which will be list long if I got to mention it in here.
I would love to write it out if you all would like to read but granny stories always makes people sleepy so I better not do so.
It is just that I am getting wiser and also tougher than I am previously.
I know what I shall and should be doing and acting as a daughter, as a friend and also MYSELF.
I am wishing the best for everyone for this coming New Year 2009 which is just about 28 hours more to go???
I had list of activities to participate on New Year's Eve tomorrow so I have to get this post posted up earlier not like last year posted on sharp 0000am on 1st Jan.
Wish everyone Happy New Year 2009 and also a better world for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!


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