Human had been given lifes by GOD so we should appreciate and being gratitude. I never think of undergo any plastic surgery even I do not looks that pretty or beautiful but I do appreciate. The things that I keep changing every year after I came here is my hairstyle.

My hair is my most orecious part of my body. I mean I think I love the most. I had been non-stop changing to be fresh, find a hairstyle that suits me and also not bored with staying to one thing all my life.....

This picture is a combination of three consecutive years of changes I had done.
1. The first one in red blouse is my first year in college and that hair is the longest I had before I cut.
2. The second is the one in black shirt and green background. I cut into 2 layer and colored my hair for the bottom part which is for the first time i get my hair colored.
3. The third want is cutting it short. It is little bit like bob hair style but it was long at the right side and then shorter at the left side.
Both second and third is my own imagination for that time. Might get ideas from other but definitely not copying.

After that, when my hair getting longer after the third cut I just get my front hair done with 'liu hai' because sort of out of idea what to do with my hair.
This year will have changes too but not a big one but it is something new for me....
You will see it SOON!!!!!!!!!


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