PenanG IslanD

Penang had been well known of its FOOD and also TEMPLE.
I had been so so excited I can once again visit this Island for the second time.
This time I won't get lost and I will be having really good and tasty penang local food because I had my classmates to tour me around!!

DAY 1 - 5 December 2008

After about 4 hours of driving from KL, we finally reach Penang and our first station is to have SEAFOOD!!!!! Miri is well known of its seafood because we are well known as fishing village previously and also near to South China Sea. Penang also well known with seafood because it is an island which surrounding is cover with sea too!!! Hahahahaha...

Gee Seng SeaFood

Nice view while having dinner

Praying Mantis Prawn

Fried Tauhu

Curry Crab

This bread is to be eaten with the above curry crab.

Steam Crab

Steam Fish!!
Wholly expensive. !! 2 for RM 62!!!!!!!
After that we went to this place and have a small tour.
Nice place with lots of small stall selling different types of accessories
After walk we went for second round for Lok Lok!!
Know what is it?? Come scroll down and have a peep.....
WOW!!! Variety of choice at cheap cheap price
Cheapest RM 0.50 and most expensive is RM 2.00
You willl never find such cheap price over at KL!!

After having Lok Lok, its time to cross to real Penang Island. How do we get there >. <>

After off from ferry we go for another round for light food.
It is time for some fruit after so much heavy FOOD!!!!

This is where I stayed for 3 nights.

This apartmen belongs to my classmates. Therefore, I can save a lot of expenses for accomodation and concentrate on my food and shopping!!!!!!!!!!!! ( turning fat fat!!)

DAY 2 - 6 December 2008

How can we miss the beach of Penang!!!

The Penang Bridge

Photo shoot before continue our food hunting at Penang!!!

We went for dim sum

EgG Tart is one of the popular eatings in this cafe

Just right after the breakfast we straight away brought by our refreshment tourist to have coconut which he claims to be the best coconut at town.
The Indian man is definitely making me antonish. He is fast and clean in chopping the coconut!! Don't be too shock when you saw indian we can speak fluent hokkiens. He is one of them and it is normal happenings in Penang as Hokkien is Penang-ians mother tounge.

After distance of walk, we had another round of food.
This time we go for their famous Ais Kacang and also Chendol.........


This place produce the most famous local delicacies.

Remember my post about the Tambun Biscuit?? ( click it if you would like to read the post)

This is where my friend bought it for me.
It was pack with people when we reached there. Luckily we made order for the biscuit and cookies. If not I don't think we manage to bring home and get it into my mouth for a taste.

Later we went to historical places for visits.
How can you miss out temples when you are in Penang??
You are definitely not in Penang if you are not there.

It is a hot hot day. We are sweating like rain pour. Then we went for ICE CREAM. come people capture people eating ice cream wo.......=.='''

One of the tourist of shopping......

Do you know that there's a place specially for monkey feeding??

Those monkeys were like baby hunger for mummy hugs. Some are fighthing for the food and they never have the frighthen feelings approaching us, human at all.......

DAY 3 - 7 December 2008

This morning breakfast is a luxurious one indeed. It is not from any high class or luxury hotel food but it is variety food from different places to make us the breakfast of that day. Just too many food and I can't remember their names.

The 5 food above is the breakfast of the day. We went for about six places just to get all the food above. Why 6?? It is because one of the place we went it is fully SOLD OUT!! No you did not read it wrong!! ITS SOLD OUT!!!! Penanag have a culture is that they will stop providing breakfast after 11am. Just like europeans right? But they serve local asians food.
Just few hours after breakfast, we went for FOOD again. It is like we are those beggars who never had food for months. hehehehe....
This is simply too popular which you will not miss out when you came over too Penang!!!

Penang Char Kueh Teow

Asam Laksa (BEST)
This is however the best laksa I had taste during that trip. The fish and aroma of the Laksa is simply nice and delicious. This is also something you cannot miss when you are there. The popiah is side dishes to eat with the Laksa.. Nice nice combination.

Just not far from the above shop where we eat the asam laksa we went directly to the next stop for some food again!!!!
Can you imagine keep eating, eating and more EATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.o

This is mee rebus. You will never imagine this simple dishes is so delicious because the way they cook it. they actually cook it with normal fire by the fire is make up charcoal. Charcoal is an old style of cooking and indeed it takes time to make up the fire, but strangely by using charcoal the food always taste better than ordinary way of cooking....agree???

Then we continue or journey as we had planned to Batu Ferringhi.
We stop by at The Ship to have some picture capturing.
This is actually a restaurant on a real made ship!!

We continue our journey to Batu Ferringhi beach. It takes about couple of minutes frm THe Ship to reach the beach.
Reach there we saw lots of human kinds enjoying themselves and this time there is more people than I previously ame. Maybe it is because of school holiday season. First of all, on the list they are going towards the Jet Ski.
Safety should be concern so life jacket plays an important role here. Must wear oh!!!!

Next, right after the Jet Ski, Parachute is the coming one on the list. After a nice refresh splash of sea water now its time for some sea breathe.

Did not see me participating in any activities?? I definitely do but due to some technical problem photos will be upload later...hehehe......
Play also need to eat right?? So after satisfying with the activities we had on the beach we drive straight back home and bath then continue with our FOOD hunt again!!! This time we are heading to the popular area that is Anjung Gurney.
Vermicilli with Various baLL

Best Fruit Rojak

Asam Laksa
This want cannot compete agaisnt the previous one that I had mention.
Don't remember? Easy scroll up and look at it again!!


Penang Best Char Kueh Teow

So far I think this is the best that I had eaten because I simply love the aroma when it is serve and the taste id just great. I had simply grab to plate of it on the same day.

Asam Laksa TU TU FISH

Being too full we start to do silly act and foolish thing again.
We are standing in front of the X'mas tree and posting for picture....

DAY 4 - 8 December 2008
This is our last day at Penang. We had been searching for good food too before we leave that Marvellous place. Seems lke luck is not on our side. Most of the stall is closed because we are too late already......





This hot machine here is my ride back to KL. It is so comfy but somehow the seat had been making me unable to sleep. I don't even understand why. This B-class super duper great Mercz makes my day even I had to be back to KL and face my busy life again.

I know bread is something so so normal but have you ever eaten this kinda of bread like what you see below????
Coffee and orange flavour. Orange taste better with raisins in it.

Overall, it is a nice trip and really enjoying because I get to visit more places and did some shopping and most importantly HAVE GREAT FOOD ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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