Shooting Scene

Remember my post saying that I had been helping the creative people on the onestyle magazine of 1 Utama? Now I am able to publish it in my blog as the magazine was released few weeks ago. Let me brings you into a world of being behind the scene of magazine. There were so so much work to be done before the magazine was done and read by all the readers.

First of all we have to loan all the items for the outlet in 1 utama. It seems like shopping to people but it is never an easy task for us.
See how many pairs of shoes are they? It might seems gorgeous to have so much shoes in the rack but not having it for a shoot.
All the accessories to mix and match with the cloths.
Tonnes of cloths that we are borrowing and ironing it during the shoot.
The models are doing their make-up and doing the hair-do by the hairstylist.
This is Magarita, a very new model thou.
Anna which is more professional and personally I love her pose more as she brings out the cloths well and outstanding.Working with her is such a pleasure and see how workaholic she is. She have to pose even not a formal shoot. The camera loves her.
Margarita seems to be at the same age as me I guess but she had a great job already and still I am nothing. Haiz....~.~
Invited 4 special guest for Gap shoot but somehow I only able to captured 3 of them because I was busy doing something else that moment.

David which is a sporty man and looks cute too. He is the only one who looks into my camera. Thank you dude.

Stephanie, had been watching her show since I was kid? And she is yet still slim and pretty.
Henry Golding. The men that every girl dream of. He is very friendly but yet I don't really dare to stand close to him as he is too good-looking to have a picture with. He had been voted the most popular bachelor of the year.
The shoot end at about 7pm and of course time for dinner. Few cam whore session among us, the colleague during our dinner session.

It was a very great and nice experienced for me. I really felt that I am learning something new than facing the PC everyday just key in something everyone can do. Thanks for the opportunity!!


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