Mid Autumn Feast

It's mid autumn festival so as usual we had a small feast even only 2 of us, me and my sis. As usual something better than we had than ordinary days. 2 dishes and 1 soup. The very tradition style for cantonese.

white cabbage soup
A dishes that I can never miss out on special day like this. Yummy yum but mum cook the best.

Roasted Pork and ' Char Siew ' This year we change from chicken to pork because I can't have chicken at the moment but this is great too. Love it too but Miri had better one which taste much better and tastier.
Mixed Vege
I had this everytime because I like it and its a mixture of vege and some balls together. It makes me think of blending everything together just like different people going well together.

Last of all, not been doing this for so so long, my picture for the ending. hehehehe..Monotone color picture which I love very muchie!!


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