I heard lots lots of people around me saying Papparich. What a funny name huh? It does sound funny but instead it was an easy remember name instead. Had an opportunity to drop by here today and thanks to sabah-ian mate. Let's stop the nonsense and let me show you some tasty food they served and might light up your taste bud.
I believe most of the restaurant would have these so called calling button but somehow this is not working. Zack had been pressing it hard and times but no one come over to serve us. He had to go over to the counter and get our order done.
My drink. Taste nice of course. Barley with lime. New experienced of having it. Sour and sweet represents the journey of life. High and low would come at the same time.
Hor Fun with Foo Chuk
The hor fun taste fine but some how I don't really like the sauce that goes with it. Some how for me it does not actually blend in with the hor fun. I don't really love soy sauce that taste sweet but tasty, but still it have my vote. So I wouldn't let my taste bud affected your ratings. Head over and try. Who knows it might be your thumbs up food.

Vegetarian Nasi Lemak
I never knew they served vegetarian food till today. Ya something new I knew today. Even it is not truly vegetarian restaurant but at least vegetarian can have some pick from here.

Errrrrr~ Asam Hor Fun with Steamed Chicken??
I re-named this food actually because I totally forget what's the name of it. Never mind what it's name is, the food definitely taste nice from what Zack had. He was sweating all the way while he was tasting it, with slurppppppppppp sound along. So what do you think it taste like???

Si Mi Lu / Sai Mai Lou
This is dessert pick of the day and taste nice from the outlook. The one who had it, Albert does not satisfied with it. Too sweet for him thou. Girls, do you think you would love it? We love sweet food don't we?
Toast with butter and kaya
Simple but yet an everyday choice. This is a simple breakfast but yet will keep you full all day long. This had been always the choice of all.
Vegetarian Bun
This is the first time I ever had vegetarian char siew bun. Not bad. Not too different form what I imagined. At least it taste sweet and not salty. Char siew bun supposed to be sweetened isn't it?

Have a very lighten lunch with the sabah-ians. They were nice people and humorous enough. I must said they really brighten my boring Sunday.


Zack said…
did i sluurrrppp that loud? *^_^*
-pEi- said…
hahaha...not very loud but we were sitting to close?
but at least u make me feel that ur food is tastier than mine...
thanks for dropping by
Zack said…
love your blog~ ... very informative keep it up!
-pEi- said…
wow really?
u have a great blog too
thanks gain for being here

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