All American Rejects

Are you a Digi user? Are you loyal to digi? And I bet some of you out there might had been as lucky as I do to receive a free ticket from digi to all-american rejects (AAR) mini concert in 1 utama on coming 10th October.

To be true, I had always received this sort of promotion from digi but they tend to send over promotions from my hometown Miri, when I was at KL...and they tend to send over promotions and mini concert going on at KL when I was not around too.....argh~~~YAH....So, I tend to miss it out most of the time.

This time round I am available for this but sadly I will not be attending it. BUT, I am not gona waste the ticket. I am giving it out to whoever that want to go. It is nice to share with others when you can't have it. It's a blessed and feeling nice to share with others what you have.
I gave the ticket to this lovely, sweet lady over here. She is a colleague of mine and she wanted to go. SO, why not isn't it? BUT, there is always a but in life. When all of the thing seems so good something unexpected happen.

The concert will be postponed until further notification. That was so so upset. We just got our ticket and yet now the concert was postponed. Tyson Ritter had some accident and could not travel at the yay that's basically how it was. Things just came and now the concert had to be postponed. So, now praying hard hopefully it won't be cancelled. Recover soon Tyson!!


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