Sri Carcosa Negara

This is a place that I ha never been before. I never even heard it before this. It was a damn nice place. A very classical like the old english style environment. I really enjoy the environment and the whole day shooting. It was really a great place to be at. Photographers out there, I guess you guys and gals shall list this place in your list.

The whole hotel was mainly in white and wooden made. You might heard some creek sound from the old wood that had been for ages and smell so old too.
This is the stairs which I kinda love. Doesn't it looks like the scene Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone? Where the stairs can move from left to right or otherwise?

The red carpet makes you feel so majestic all the way up. The picture hanging on the wall were very classical too. This is a place had been so so long and go through lots of historical moment with Malaysia.

See the divider? It was so so classical too. This could be a scene for photography too because one of our shot is taken here too. A nice outcome.
One of the portrait that hangs in one of the suite. It was so so huge with a washroom, living room and also a dining room in it. They don't have much suite but every suite is big enough for around 5-7 which is almost as big as where I am living now. I should say bigger than my condo unit that I am living now.
Does this looks so so english too you? Ya to me. Can you imagine you were sitting there? With a cup of tea enjoying looks like an old style classic english man with their ancient style cloths? Wow, how I wish I can be pretending one, one day!!
The restaurant was nice for any kind of shoot too. Can you imagine the ambiance with classical music while you were dining? With dim dim light they have and music surroundings how perfect is that? Even model how were posing felt they were at that decades.

They had fresh flower everyday for each table. Nice aroma for flower lovers. Rose and lavender is their top choice, so you won't have too heavy of flower aroma.
Sounds temptating to you? Might pay a visit over there and experience it yourself like I do.


songsong said…
nice place o, pei!!!
-pEi- said…
ya it is....
suitable for photography

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