Mid Autumn Festival

It's another of Mid Autumn Festival. Every year businessman trying to come out with something special and yet attractive and not to forget health-consciousness to attract more customer. Everyone wanted to eat healthy. Somehow business gets hard when economy strikes the world so everyone had been struggling hard to bust up the sales. Like 1 Utama they had been decorating part of the mall nicely to attract more customer to buy mooncake.

We were like back to the 70's or 80's when I saw this. It gives us a feel of having more mooncake and the music that plays on the air were making all of this more tempting except for the cloths.

Nowadays, mooncake selling at the market are getting more and more creative. Here were the mooncake I bought these year. Doraemon version.

We also have the agar-agar style which is the choice for most of the kids and I love this too! Not too sweet and great in taste.

Even Digi have their own personalised mooncake but their's not for sale. They make it for their business partner and company that they are collaborating with.

~ I'll follow U ~
So, have u had any mooncake yet? NO??? Then go to your nearest mall now and you'll definitely get cheaper mooncake!!


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