Korean Food

It is actually not easy to find a nice place that served great korean food. There's one I been before which really satisfied my taste bud and now I find another one. People tend to have this thought that Food court won't have any nice food. But this is an exception of it.
Varieties of choice to choose. From stone bowl to hot plate. What you see is what you gona get.

The boss is a Korean and he had a nice wide smile which you will feel really friendly.
My order of the day. The fish is big enough for normal portion. It is enough to full your stomach and if you are fish lover than I bet you would ask for more.
Appetizer of the day, kimchi and also potato. I don't know how did they cook this but it was not bad at all.
It looks just a normal white rice but it actually taste better than what we eat everyday. maybe its because it's from their country I guess, that is why it is much bigger and tastier than what he had everyday.
The soup is a little too salty but it is a very healthy soup.
That's the overall set. It only cost RM12 per set. Worth it for me. The portion is wise and they had so many food and I shall consider it cheap for so much dishes in a set.
Wanted to try? Go to midvalley 4th floor food court and you will find it.


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