Pick n' Brew

Company is giving us the employee, as what we used to say the employee benefit. I received a voucher from my employer weeks ago and I thought it was a joke from who had nothing better to do. Somehow it turns out to be true and me and my colleague went over to chill before it moved out.

I feel so sorry for what I am gona post because I have the picture but I don't remember any single of the food. I knew I had bad memory but pictures used to speak a thousand word. The food were more to Italian or even English style of cooking.

Let's begin the journey into the food arena.

Does all of that satisfied your taste bud? I know I should have remember the name of the food so some of you might get to try it when ever you were somewhere around there. Anyway just go in and take up the menu then pick whatever you think it would be nice to you from its name. You will never get wrong form your first instinct.


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