HK Cuisine

Once again I visited another similar HK cuisine at Times Square. People used to talk about Kim Gary Restaurant and it was one of the most popular choice of the west malaysian. People tend to say that West Malaysia is similar to HK because they specak cant0nese and also had the same taste as the HK-ians. What do you think?
'Liang Teh'
This is good for hot weather. Cool down the heat and temperature.
MakanManiacs is here. hahahah...Nola just my god brother and not the whole team. Bring him around to try some food but seems like it was little disappointed for me.
His colleague. It's not that he don't want to be expose but purposely take it that way incase needs his permission to have his photo up here.

And one more thing. This is the very first time I had all the cameras on the food instead of me alone. I used to nag by my friends to have take pictured on the food but this time round I had another 2 with me. Even I looks so mini in size.

Vege Rice with Chicken
This is Kelvin's pick. It doesnt really satisfied him because the rice seems to be tasteless as what he said. Additionally, when they sent it over the looks of it does not attract us too. Or maybe it was just not our day.

Steamed Fish with Black Bean Paste
Personally, the fish was ok but the paste doesn't really satisfied my taste bud. Maybe I am not used to such paste. It feels weird to go with the fish. Maybe some people do like it.

Steam Chicken with Mushroom
Barley with Jackfruit
This is the pick that I love the most. Light and tasty.
I love the way they cook it with fruit and not the barley alone.


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