Domino's Pizza

Frankly speaking I ever eat Pizza hut for decades and hundred times. It was always my all time favorite. And yesterday I had something different, Domino's. I know I sound so so outdated by not eating domino's before but I guess it is never too late to try it.

It was great and not bad but still I love Pizza Hut more. Don't know whether it was my taste bu used to Pizza Hut or what....but still some comment on the new trial.

Cheese Stick
That's their cheese stick. Ok but I think I prefer pizza's because their cheese stick is more krunchy and full with cheese aroma when it melts in the mouth.
Pepperoni Pizza
This is my fave among the 3 of what we ha ordered. Additionally we ordered thin crust so it seems so nice and taste great with every bite. This pepperoni is better than pizza's. Thumbs up for this.
Seafood Pizza
I don't really like the blending of the ingredients in here. Maybe the green pepper brings out the strange aroma after it bakes so I don't really love it thou.
BBQ Chicken
This is what they recommend on Domino's. I actually think it was fine. Or maybe I don't really love bbq taste and flavor. Does this sound I am quite picky in food? Definitely not its just a taste bud problem. Everyone had different expectation on the food they eat.

Don't agree with me? Comment me more to correct me and also let me know your own opinion.


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