Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant

It's all about food again. My cousin is having her 21st birthday so we thought of brought her to this korean restaurant that we had been talking about ages ago. She had been desiring to come over for long time ago so we would have granted one of her wishes on her 21st birthday.
This place had some minor changes since the last time I came. They had this some sort of pipe to suck up all the smoke that was released by the bbq or either steamboat while they were cooked.

They were 6 side dishes served when you ordered your stuff. You can eat it just like that or there is another way I am eating eat. Scroll down and you will know how am I gona eat this.

This is one of the food that you would not have miss out when you head over to a korean restaurant.

White Carrot
They sliced it really think and you can even see through it. It is nice to have sweetened and also little bit of sour taste. I bet they had used vinegar and its an origin korean one.

A shot while waiting for the food to be served.
We ordered 2 of the most famous style of korean ways of eating food. The very first one bbq style. Bet you will never forget the people sitting around the table eating the bbq pork whenever you watched a korean drama. Eat it with a cup of sake is super delicious but too bad we did not have any sake.
We had someone to do the cooking for us, whereas we just wait and eat. But you can choose to bbq it yourself. This is just out of your own choices.

The second called of us is the kimchi taufu bbq. I would said this is more to steamboat. This is duper duper luper hot and spicy. You would know how spicy it is from the colour of he soup!!
The pipe to suck up all the smoke while we were having our meal. having spicy kimchi but somehow it was so syiok drinking it!! nyum- nyum~~
Finally our bbq pork is done. Let me show you the way I am eating it.

Just like the korean way...put all the side dishes into the vege that they had served you.....
....then packed it together like this. Just put it into your mouth when you finish doing it. fuiyoh~~~ so so nice......try it then you will realised how true it is.
Some fruits after the meal.
It was great to have the second visit. I bet I am coming again if there is a chance. They served individual dish too or even set for few. Go over to Midvalley 4th floor and have a visit to this restaurant.


songsong said…
wah..pei...reli nice o!! drooll~~~so, how's the price? okay ma?
-pEi- said…
its little expensive but still okiela...
its about RM100 for all the food lo.

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