Accomodation at Taiwan

Kao Hsiung - Nanaimo

The place we stay at Kao Hsiung is convenient for youngsters like us. It is near to train station and just next to a school. Luckily it is summer and we won't have to listen to bell sound early in the morning.

Did attach a picture of how it looks like. Do click here to view their site in details.

Kenting - Border hotel

Not really satisfied with this hotel as appearance is not the same as it appears on facebook. However it is situated right along the street of Kenting Night Market. Awesome place to fill your stomach whole night. Some other rooms looks fine maybe because we book it quite last minute and we had more people in this trip, that's why we did not able to get a better room.

Click in their facebook page or their website here for more details.

Tai Chung

Do not have an exact name for this. We are liking this very much because it is so comfortable and convenient too. It is within walking distance to Tai Chung night market.

Click here to view if you're interested or planning to find place to stay at Tai Chung.

Sun Moon Lake - Assam Dream

Loving the design of this hostel that we stay. Comfortable, nice environment and affordable. But somehow it is not convenient. However, Sun Moon Lake is the only place you have to go around that area. Owner is kind enough to provide transport and breakfast to his customer.

Visit their website for more information and details.

Jiu Fen

Another fantastic place. Taiwan government really know how to preserve their country symbolic icon place. This is so far the best view between 7 places that we had been to.

You may click here to view more details.


After so much of fantastic accommodation we are expecting better ones however this one in Taipei slightly disappoint us. However they do have some facilities for you to use like washing machine and what is good it is just within walking distance to the biggest night market, Shihlin Night Market.

Check them out here.

TaoYuan - Anna's House

This is among all the most beautiful accommodation. Despite comfort zone, the house is uniquely design and creatively decorate.

Find them at facebook page or click into their blog for faster response.

All the accommodations are great and most important of all when we do research and make reservation is :

1. CHEAP!!! - main thing to save because it could cost a lot for 10 days living
2. Convenient - easily find and of course easily get public transport
3. Food - surrounded with food, if no at least some where near Night Market, got night market
means got FOOD!!



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