Taipei, Taiwan - Day 3

It was our third day at Taipei. Our final day to see, eat and shop till drop before going to Tao Yuan and flying back to Malaysia. Went to Taipei Zoo. Heard it was one of the must visit because it is one of the attractions too.

Panda is our first pick because we have to queue up in number to see these panda all the way from China within limited time frame.

Here it comes.....and all the while he is turning round and round on the same track. I wonder whether he scares he is lost or he is scared of so many strange human beings watching him.

The zoo was so damn big. I think if you walk without a map you might easily get lost because street sign is far from each station we went.

Cute hippo bringing her kids down to bath. I think the baby hippo were tiny because it is cover by the water level when it walk down into it.

They were just too many of them to put all in here. Just selected a few to let all of you have a peep. Want to have great exploration? Come yourself to Taipei and experienced yourself. I bet you will have more fun instead of just reading this.

Rushing to Taipei 101 after that because that was our main thing to do of the day. How could you not visit their tallest building when you're in the city? Just like when you went to KL, how could you not visit KLCC? It is the same application to this.

Loving this baby damper when we reach the peak at 89th floor. This is where you could see fantastic view of Taipei and in depth introduction of Taipei 101.

Fascinating ain't it? See all the skyscrapers buildings. I think Taipei is moving fast forward than KL does. Their economy, their living lifestyle is way much better than we are.

The damper that act as the heart of Taipei 101. This is the inspiration od the baby damper. Cute aren't they?

Another baby damper. So liking it. Hope to grab it back and have it as my baby.

Awesome night view of Taipei. There's a little reflection because of the glass window but second one gets better.

How do you like this post? I'm lovin' the pictures especially. Could just ignore my words and enjoy the picture. Before I end did you realize something not right? I did not take a proper picture of Taipei 101. That's very sad.


Mr Lonely said…
awesome outing~ XD

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