Bento, Taiwan

We were so lazy to go some where far to search for food, so we decided to stop by at this shop which was just walking distance from where we live. You would never expect too much from the appearance but things could always be the other way round.

They are serving food in bento style. I think it's quite environment friendly because they can save a lot of water to just clear all the dirty dishes and also save expenses because they don't need to employ another extra maid to help them to clean up the mess. Besides, all the paper are recyclable. You will find at most of the shop at Taiwan were very conscious about 3R. That is why Taiwan is much more develop than what Malaysia are today. The mindset is so different.

Food they served not only looks good but taste good too. Do not judge by the outlook and size. The portion is definitely big enough for you to handle. You will easily fill full after having maybe half of the bento set.

We are all loving it and truly satisfied with what they served. Although space within is not big because bento are meant for take away but the boss still welcome us with great smile and hoping to see us around if he could have the chance to come over Malaysia for a visit.

We are awaiting his bento shop opening at Malaysia.


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