Dazzling Cafe, Taipei

This where we head to for our dinner. Been seeing and heard so much about this place so me and Sze decided die also must try. A few branches at Taipei, you can view it here. Remember to make reservation, if not you will end up like us...waiting for about an hour for seats.

Lovely environment. They required a minimum spending for every customer. There's a lot restaurant in Taiwan that had this T&C, especially when come to those popular one. So do read properly or ask before you enter.

Love my coffee but lovin' the biscuits much more. Superb nice and also perfect match with hot drinks.

Dazzling Cafe is famous for its toast, however they do have varieties of other options for selections.

Their toast definitely is a MUST pick from their menu. Do not underestimate them and never overestimate yourself. It does not seems like what you see. The portion can barely handle by normal human being or even a big eater man. Portion that they served is definitely for TWO at least. Hear me right, TWO at least!!

See this, udang di sebalik batu. You cannot imagine how big that portion is for ONE! I still survive eating that but I could not finish it.

Lovin' the macaroon. However, too sweet even for me a dessert lover to handle.

Can you imagine all those fattening and calories all in one? Overall, it is still good. If they could reduce the portion size a little it would be more perfect. Till we meet again Dazzling~


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