Taipei, Taiwan - Day 1

From Jiu Fen, we took 1062 bus to Taipei. Direct from the place we stay at Jiu Fen. No transfer needed as we carry heavy duty luggage. This way is nothing more convenient and finally we only need to take train to where we stay.

Place that we gona stay for 3 nights. This might not be as good as previous homestay we went but one thing that is good, we can just walk to the biggest Shihlin Night Market within walking distance and also to the train station.

Put down our burden, the luggage, we went to explore the magnificent Taipei where this is the most attractive city of Taiwan.

From Taipei city, we went to Xi Men Ding. Too bad that the weather does not really allow us to go further. Even shopping is restricted but we will not stop searching for food. We are the food hunter. Good food should be hunt. We went high and low searching for something everyone had been saying. We had turn everywhere to look for it, ask people around but some don't even get to tell us the exact location. However, our hard work does pay. We finally found it. This is what we are looking for.

From Xi Men Ding we went to C.K.S Memorial Hall. Still rain when we reached.

Sky turns dark really fast. It is only around 5.30pm when the lights lighten up and sky turns dark totally. We decided to hunt for food. No no night market food this time. We waited more than an hour for this. See what we had on the next review.


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