Xin Bei Tou, Taipei - Day 2

Second day at Taipei, we plan to go north. Place where it is spa heaven. There's some history behind this historical place however I couldn't remember what it is.

The library, the plum house and the public spa (溫泉) is a must visit. You will see most of the elderly were there to strengthen their bones.

Beautiful isn't it? Not easy to remain such an antique for so many years. This piece of thing is even older than me.

I just love the view from this window. How everything looks like in this house. So calming and relaxing.

We went to one of the hotel because ever hotel did offer spa. We choose this because they offer cheaper rate. We were like Jane going out of the jungle. Never been to a spa and we did not know we shall go wholly naked in there. Deep shit!!

However, it really relieves your stress and heal your body. Physically I mean as I don't know how does it feel like internally. Enjoy the session but feel awkward during the naked session.

Thermal Valley is a must visit because this is where every hotel and public spa pool get their resources from.

We went to a famous restaurant for their spa noodles BUT too bad no picture allowed. HOWEVER, after we finish everything I saw flash all around and the owner does not respond anything on that. I was so sad at that moment because their noodles were great. Everyone is queuing up for it.

Went to Dan Shui after relaxing spa at Xin Bei Tou. Just one station away from Bei Tou station.

Night markets again with lots of food BUT we end up having these cake that's looks delicious.

Went back to rest after that. We did went to Wu Fen Pu after that. Lots lots of cloths where we don't know where to start from. Everywhere was full of cloths, accessories, bag and shoes. Like wholesale but they do sell to normal customer like us.

We went for something special for dinner. Stay tuned for what it is!!


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