This is also one of the MUST eat when you're at Taiwan. There's a lot of similar shop but we see this is more attractive one.

I love their rice very much. I'm rice lover. The orange thingy is not carrot actually but I don't know what's the name in proper English. This is just too small for my appetite. But they do have LARGE size portion.

Yummy food. Love the sauce especially. That's what makes that whole plate of dishes truly awesome.

A - Vegetable
That's what they written in the menu. Love it because it is crispy and not over cooked but a little oily. The shape exactly looks like an A alphabet.

Normal tofu, not stinky tofu. Not really my taste because it has a very heavy bean taste.

Pork Belly
Not much people love the fatty belly but I simply think it is awesome. I love it very much especially when you eat it with the slice carrot.

Taiwan is a food heaven. You can have food any time and hour. You won't be die of hunger unless you're out of cash.


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