TaoYuan, Taiwan

We went down to Tao Yuan the next day by cab. I think Taiwan citizen really does friendly. They treat everyone very sincere.They send us to our hostel and send us to our next stop destination even though the driver were not familiar with the road at Tao Yuan. Just something similar to Disneyland, we went to "Xiao Ren Guo".

Everything is in mini size and so cute. We were like giant entering and wishing to destroy their home. The building is exactly the same with what we see in reality.

Saw leaning tower,Pisa....I really miss life in Europe. We still looks so mini even standing next to this great building.

The main character of this land, OPEN! I had no idea why they name it open but he is CUTE-NESS!

It's not only Taiwan but they have other magnificent and great building all over the world. You may had an early sight of this great building because they were exactly the same just difference in size.

We are having great time. Whole lots of fun in there. No time for other places. However, shops at Tao Yuan all close very early and we did not manage to shop around. That's our final day and that was a very good ending for our Taiwan trip. Had you enjoy as much as I did? At least we all do. Till we meet again Taiwan.


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