Been really a nice day today because my day is quite fully utilise and full of activities. First of all, in the morning I attended the flight ticket briefing. The hall was packed like sardin fish in the canned. I can hardly see someone I knew in there. I had been searching for my friend for about couple of minutes before I can find a seat. the talk last about 2 hours. After that, we went for lunch.

Whats is so atractive about this Nando's is the encironment and the ambiance and the PERI PERI!!

They have 4 types of sauce. I personally love the GARLIC peri-peri.....
Do you know that the menu is so so attractive, just like a love letter???
If you are planning to have their chicken set, they have four flavours for you to choose depends on your own flavour.

SPARKLING APPPLE ( Nando's Specially made )
1/4 Chicken with Rice
1/4 Chicken with 2 sidelines
The meal was SUPERB!! and I am totally having great time because it's PERI PERI GOOD!!!


i e R said…
siliva dripping.... i miss nandos, why they dont open in miri? my hot peri peri~~
-pEi- said…
ier, come on,....cross your finger and pray hard

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