Sunshine saturday

Last Saturday I was invited by Jason for photography shoot and I was indeed excited and anxious the day before the shoot. On the day there were 4 photographers, Jason, Ng, Alex and also Cynthina.

The photo shoot session starts at about 8am and last for about 2 hours. It was a bright sunny day. All of us are working hard for the outcome. I am a newbie in posing and being a model but I am doing my very best hoping to give the photographer the best outcome. I am hoping they will be satisfied with it when they edit and look at it.

It is not an easy task for all of us but indeed photographers make the most effort. They don’t only shoot for picture but at the same time trying to make jokes to break the ice on that sunny morning. Not only so, they had to climb up and down to get the shoot that they want. It was not as easy as we see from the outcome. Just like the Chinese proverb, “perform only takes 3 minutes but prepared need much more effort”. “台上三分钟,台下十年工!!”

Thanks to all of them, I did learned much more than I thought and feel such a pleasure to know and meet them. You can actually view more picture in here or here.


i still like the 3rd one.
-pEi- said…
thanks shutter....

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