Great Man, Great People

This holiday had been avery nice one and I had a great time than I had before. I get to spend some time with some new people that I get to know form the net. They are friendly nice and of course great to talk with. Let me intro them one by one.

Group Pic after photo shoot at Traffic JPJ
my4to, limpek, -pEi-, alex899
This picture I would like to say more about alex899 because I don't have any photo with him alone, so I had to use this group photo.
He is a cool man when I first know him. He rarely speak but during the day for shoot he did want me to do some post for him and I am glad we did had some conversation and he is actually a very nice and easily approachable person. Great man he is!!!!
-pEi- & my4to
This man I had so many to say about. He is nice, easily approach and great man too. He is the one who guide me a lot in the whole photo session.
He gave a lot of idea in how I should post. A gentleman he is too. He jokes a lot too with another funny photographer which I am about to introduce, watch out!!!

This can be say as joker of the day. He really makes the day a better one even it is hot and he really sweats a lot like bathing. He is a great man with his words. Even just simple word but it is real funny. For me, he is nice man to talk with when we first meet. Talk to him you won't feel akward or strange. Maybe that is what I feel but who knows you might feel that too. Awesome man! Cool too.....

-pEi- & Malcolm
This guy here is actually quiet then he looks but he is a lovely guy and have lots of passion in photography for his age. I am glad I met him but hopefully he was not scared by us who had been joking with him around that night.

-pEi- & Karlina

Oh this is the man of the night who break the ice. He is funny man I consider for his age eventhough I don't know how old he is. But age never matter in friendship. He is also a man which is great to talk too!! He makes jokes and lend me had my hand on his babe, camera I mean. Thanks karlos!!!

-pEi- & ieR

This guy over here is much more active than I do. I thought I had been consider friendly but he is more friendly than I do but it was a good thing for him because he can have more friends and people do like friendly people isn't it. Thanks for the event that you had organised and nice to meet ya!!!


i e R said…
wow, i dont look fat in ur photo, wahh... i gonna ask cync to do my headshot profiles photoes liao. hahahaha... and thanks for such sweet introduction of me, u are nice and friendly too :) when go kl find u kay? hehehe
-pEi- said…
i never think u looks fat but u urself thinks u r because u look into the mirror which had those blurry effect

no problem, just sms me or call me and i will find u if i am free
i e R said…
no ma, i think cync is the only person i know shot my photo dont make me add 10 pound :P, aite, will ring u up :D
Donna Bong said…
hey girlie~~ i followed your links to the photoshoot and i loved it!!! u loook amazing!!!

ps: u made me join miri community too. lols.. now i can talk in the forum with ya.. ps: i wanna go scuba diving and get a PADI certificate. wannna do that? are u still going to uk?
-pEi- said…
sure will wait for ur call and wish u safe journey on ur coming trip to KL
see you there

haha..tats y i am joining mc for good
i can know first hand news of miri when i am not around
thanks for the compliment
I plan to go but theres things that needed to be done
Karlos said…
Hi pEi, thanks for the kind words and nice meeting you. Like i said you look taller in person!Haha! Anyway take care n keep in touch..
-pEi- said…
just telling the truth
nice meeting u too
but i still duno how come i looks tiny in photo but tat doesnt matter
and I am looking forward for u to send me the picture of me you take tat night
just tat if u dun mind
cync said…
wuwuwuwu~ i jealous ar, no intro me one? WUWUWUWU~ *cry me a river* LOL~!!!
-pEi- said…
nola my dear coz I had know u more than that so no need intro ma
coz u r in my heart liao
dun sad dun sad k.....

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