Token of Appreciation

Coming back to KL I feel bit upset because I gona miss all my friends and family.
Busy non-stop too upon reavhing home. Had been attending 3 hours revision class after I reach KL yesterday morning. After that today, had been doing the household for few hours which is kinda tired. Just right after house keeping I had to rush to market to buy some food to in stock because there arew nothing left for us after few months holiday. Carrying all those stuff were tiring and cause me backache. That is not important at all.

BUT, BUT I was so surprise, happy and also touched when I was looking into MCnet and found something which was to my surprised. Thanks to Jason, the person who had done the video. Thanks to him and it is so nice of him!


lasapka said…
so.... when are you ready to be in lasapshot?
-pEi- said…
Anytime when I am around lasapka...
But get prepared to be busy after the shot

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