Nowadays every place no longer safe for people. No matter when, where there is something happen around us.

Just few days ago, the place I live had happen 4 cases of robbery just in one day. This is a real serious matter because under the eye of security, robber still get to break in into other's people living place.

What is the security doing? I thought condominium under security watch would be safer than place that doesn't have security who knows still there is robbery. Student and resident here would be really scared and also anxious because their safety and life were in danger.

Just some reminder to all,becareful no matter where you are. Be alert all the time incase there is danger approaching. SAFETY FIRST!


there was one robbery here in ampang at 4pm. i car was stolen.
Donna Bong said…
aiyeeee.. be careful woman! there was stabbing in my college.. but no one knew! and it was in the men's gym washroom too!
-pEi- said…
ya KL really not safe even under the watch of security

donna dear,
ya my dear
something doesn't seem it was
quite doesnt mean nothing
u take care too ya
CkY said…
is my neighbor leh.....

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