Temporary Carpark Ticket

I was so excited yesterday when I was invited or asked to have a movie. It is indeed very nice of that guy which I don't know whether to state his name in here or not. But never mind he is just to nice to offer and pick me up. The weather is not doing great because it was raining so we decided to park somewhere near the entrance instead of the basement and due to some circumstances too we are not going down into the basement.

I will just skip the reasons and story in between to save some time..hehehehe
.........After getting the ticket my friend decided not to park in there because we can find any parking as well as the security is not cooperating. So he parked somewhere else nearer. I was looking at this so called car park ticket and this is so lame!! I never expect some mall have this kind of services.

I was about to throw that ticket away but my friend had this idea to post this in blog, so I did it. Hahaha....
This ticket is just an old piece of paper and somehow it was not printed on its actual date. I guess this paper was reused. This is so inefficient at all in my opinion. Some more if you lost this so called ticket you will have to pay the penalty. In my mind, I was thinking was all of this a joke?
I think it is time for some changes make to the car park services at Bintang Plaza. Solution must be made in order to attract more customer on board.


i miss Bintang Plaza! the last time i went there the basement parking was under renovation.
-pEi- said…
herm..somehow now is also some kinda like renovation due to the construction of new wing so its kinda messy everywhere
Inspire said…
last time i go to this bintang megamall dont have such this lame ticket,maybe you are just too lucky..haha
-pEi- said…
duno, last time when I drive I rmb the ticket was not tat bad too
but nvm its past

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