Human is Complicated

Don't you think human are too complicated?
No matter in thought, feelings or relationship.
Everyone in this world had different perception, different mind set and different idea.
BUT somehow in my point of view I think all of this is interconnected and that is how one's attitude build.
For example, someone who think LOVE is just a normal rountine of life, will have same feeling towards every relationship. However, it would be vice versa if someone who think LOVE is precious and should be treasure will never simply had feelings toward someone and will be serious in relation.
But sometimes how much percentage of your sense, your feeling can be trusted?
Are you sure your feeling is true enough to let you make a decision which is IMPORTANT?
Remember that feeling is sometimes just a sense but deep thinking shall be take into consideration.


lasapka said…
what so complicated? all just eat-sleep-play.
-pEi- said…
lasapka, duno leh
i just feel things are so complicated

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