Popiah / Spring Roll

Popiah / Spring Roll

Spring Roll is actually one of the easiest food to prepare and with lots of mixture in it.

1. Carrot + Mushroom + Turnip

Add in all those ingredient and cook it together. Of course add in suitable amount of salt and flavouring.

2. Bean Sprout (optional )

This should be cook separately from the above item because this is optional. Depends on one’s taste.

3. Tauhu + 虾米

This is optional but definitely will be tastier because both of these are fried

After ready all those ingredient we shall start to do the spring roll. Of course you would need a spring roll skin. That is the most important item in making a spring roll.

Tear it out slice by slice. Put the ingredients that you had ready and put only that you like or you can have additional one too.

Start fold from the end ( the end that face on your body side). Cover the ingredients that you had put on it. After that, fold the right and left side. After cover, roll over until it covers all.

TADA~ Roll it one by one and you will soon see the outcome like this. There is many of eating spring roll. You can steam it or either fried it. Its all your choice.

What I had here is frying the spring roll. Heat the pan and put oil in it. When the oil turns slightly hot put in the spring roll to fry. Turn it the other side when you see the colour turns to golden brown. Once both are fried, take up from the pan and it is ready to be served.
If you like to have steam get ready your pot with water boil and steam it for about 15 to 20 minutes. This is all depends on preferences.

The Spring Roll is ready to serve and enjoy your food! Yummy!!!


jc.阿悠 said…

They look yummy~~
Soul Hart said…
Hey, I always get one of these whenever I popped into Ma Baker! Nice!
-pEi- said…

ya sometimes when I am free enough I usually get to do this
wa...homemade is owes the best...^^
AliVe said…
i like it
= FLoReNcE = said…
Wow...I feel hungry pei pei! :)

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