SOHO NIght - VIP arrival

It is Saturday night. Saturday should be a great weekend for everyone to enjoy after whole week of work and tiring weekdays. I manage to invite some friend to gather around and chit chat before I leave.

We gathered at SOHO. It was my first time there but I had a great time enjoying their environment. It is a great place to sit down realx and chit chat. Somehoe, last Saturday was not a really nice one for the weather because it keeps raining with great thunder. Luckily it stops when the time arrive for me to go out.

Someone shocked me that night besides the two guys Alex And Yong that I had invited. A surprise guest was brought along by Yong. I never expect I get to know someone that high from the forum. At least I think he is....hahaha
The person that I met last night for the very first time was Ryabren.

Having conversation with him just like normal friends with laughter and also joy around. He makes jokes of course and did teach some important lesson how I should bring myself when I was in real life facing the real community.

Some picture I took that night. I had a great time with the gentlemen.


= FLoReNcE = said…
Sorry pei pei. I din manage to jon you guys. When I wanna arrive then u told me u at home already. So, I went to attend my boss's event.

Sorry and wish to see u again next time when u r back in Miri.

Miss u!
-pEi- said…

no problem
i know u r busy so dun put that in heart ya
there is always next time
sure we gona meet when I am back

miss ya much too!
Anonymous said…
It's good that someone is willing to guide you on how to carry yourself. For women, being overly friendly and exposed in a public forum can come across as desperate and cheap (even though you don't mean it) for the general public and those who don't know you that well.

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