Yesterday went out with bunch of friends to gather before I leave. I am going to leave the town for about half year before I return to this land. I am gona miss them so much.

First round, I was at ALfresco with my ex-classmates. Its been long time since I met them because some of them were not around during Chinese New Year. Not many of us that night but the heart that counts because I am glad they came.

-pEi- & Casper
yunhao & jiawei

Next round, I went to HALO Cafe to meet up with Jason to look at my photo if you do remember the previous post I did said about our outings for photoshoot. Luckily the third round of gathering dinner at SOHO cancel due to some circumstances, then I have more time at HALO Cafe. If not I will be rushing to the next venue just like a Marathon.

I had a hard time choosing those wpicture but I am glad with that because this means that the outcome of the photographers are great and awesome. Ya, nevertheless I get to meet someone new that night too. Never expect but feeling grateful to meet Shawn and his girlfirend that night.

It will be a memorable night and hoping to see you guys again soon! Going to miss you all!!!


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