My Holidays END

Holiday is time for enjoy and relax. I had came back for about 2 months and what have I done? I can tell you I done nothing at all except drink, eat and sleep. One more thing is hang out with friends drinking and chatting.

Two months is a very long holiday for me but indeed I am happy spending it because I am back to my lovely land, Miri. Spending it without purpose is little waste but I did had fun time with all my activities and events that was unplanned or planned.

Trip back to Miri this holiday really worth it too because I get to know more new friends and understand more about my new hobby, Photography. It is a type of investment and it will a long term one for sure. Therefore, I need to spend and save as much as I can before I get myself something that suits me.

Every beginning will always have an ending. Only time matters. My holiday almost end and it is time to keep all those laziness and relaxing feeling and start preparing for coming war that I am going to face when I am back to KL. Wish me luck and pray hard forme please! I need MIRACLES!!!


i e R said…
but, every ending has a New begining too....
Vicky said…
let's pray hard for our war.. >.<
ganbate ne!!!
-pEi- said…
ya thats true too

ya lets work hard together for our future

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