Siamese Secret

The day before I fly back I went to Siamese Secret to celebrate Casper's Birthday. This is my second time there but this is the time where I really tried their food and enjoy too look at their menu and enjoy the environment there.
CRISPY MEE ( Chef's Special)
At first I thought it was something special but it is not bad too. It is so asian rather than siamese. But , I love the overall combination but the portion is too big for me.
The crust is not too thick but I love it is crispy. Maybe I don't into spicy much so I don't really find it suit my taste.
The decoration definitely wins people heart and get lot of marks from the first impression. Did gave me Italian style of have big plate with small portion of food. Don't get cheated. It is definitely enough for you to be full. The lamb is great and do not have the weird smell which we often smell.
I think those who love sour and little bit spicy would prefer this. In these cold days, a bowl of asam laksa definitely can warm your heart.
This creamy spaghetti is kinda popular among us because theres is 2 out of 10 ordering this. It is creamy but having too much of it might makes you stop having it.


goolooloo said…
oi why u back to miri never look for me
-pEi- said…
got got
i got msg u
and ya i just saw ur comment what do u want me to get for u from sasa?
i will be back again on saturday then we can have fun lo....
too rush this time back...
to many friends to meet coz classmates all coming back diff day
sorry ya goo!!!

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