Last Tuesday went out with my friends the whole day.
It was a tiring one but kinda enjoyed and satisfied that my friend from KL did enjoy herself.
We have breakfast at Hopoh at 7am. After that, we went to Taman Awam Miri. There we took lots lots of pictures but not me because I am the photographer cum driver of the day. But there are still some picture of me.

After that, our journey continue to my cousin's house. Staying there for about an hour then we headed to Parkson. We had a bowling game eventough it is a very fast one because we are thr only group who was playing. After that went tom Imperial Mall but nothing much that we had done over there.
After that we went to Boulevard. Here is however more things to see but nothing to do. At about 4pm we went to Krokop 5 and had cendol. It is a must have when we are back in Miri so I brought my friend there too. She did enjoy it. Thanks God!
That was the final destination. I sent her home and fetch mummy then we are back home!!! That'a how we ended the day and finally called it a day!!!


Joyce said…
love the 1st pic.

whose the photographer ahh??
hehe :)
me like the 1st too, pei.
-pEi- said…
thanks for ur coment

thanks but I think if it is bit nearer would be better?

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