On the day back to Miri was not only a very happy day for me but also a special day!
It's my mom birthday. So, me and my sister decided to bought her her favorite cheese cake and brought back all the way from KL to MIRI. That day is also the 29 day of lunar calendar.

Once we reach Miri, just dropped down our luggage and headed to China town where the temporary night market was set up. I had been waiting to visit the night market every year. I can hardly explained why I feel so but it is definitely and excited feeling. But somehow it is kind of disappointed this year because of the pouring rain that comes and goes unpredictable.

I only walked and passed by few stalls and went home. The rain doesn't allowed us to go further but the rain does not stopped some others who had great intention to shop around the night market. Picture taking is for sure but I did not get fantastic shot that night. This is the only shot that I am satisfied of!


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