I had been waiting to step my foot here for a long time after viewing MM site on this place. It was so attratctive and the environment looks and should feels good like what it seems to be form the picture.

I went there on the Valentine's but turn out in disappointment because it was full with couples. Then disappointedly I went to some other places to go through VaLentine's. On the day, I meet up with Limpek ( I don't know whether it is convenient to show his real name or not), I get the chance to had dinnner with him at Citrus.

The environment is definitely comfy enough to talk and chit chat. I love the ambiance in there. Makes me feel comfortable enough. The lightining is not too bright or too dim.

Overall, I think it is nice. Maybe it is kinda new so the sauce is too sour for me or maybe I am not really into sour food. But it looks nice and taste alright. This is Limpek recommendation as I think he is someone who enjoys and loves food too. THANKS!
Last but not least, with permission I posted his picture in my blog as usual!
hahaha...he looks kind of different then his picture that I had ever seen. Much more handsome and good looking.

I actually find out something during the meet up. I think I am getting more talkative because we meet up at 6pm and talk for about 2 hours, went for dinner and talk during our dinner. After that, we went to meet up my friends at Yong Le and in total we had been hanging for about 4 hours. I am giving people bad impression of being too talkative and also scared people away. Hahahaha...but it is a nice meeting with him. He is a ncie guy!


= FLoReNcE = said…
wow...lim pek....long time no see him. LOL...stilll handsome like usual. :)

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