We went for movie. Pink Panther II is really hillarious and so so funny. Eventhough I did not watch the first one but I bet it is a nice one because the second one is not bad.

In here, Pink Panther is not about the Pink Panther that weird pink color Panther but it is about a diamond that is so so precious in French. Starting of the movie, most of the precious artifact or monument had been stolen by this theft so called The Tornado.

The government who were involved had build up and investigation team called Dream Team. Inspector Clouseau is the main character, and he is a funny but brilliant mind man. You should watch it to know the whole story.

Do you remember I asked you to think how you read JO JO BA? The word is not the same as pronounciation. Can you think of it? Get any idea how you said it? It is HO~ HO~ BA~ Speak each word long and soft. It will be a very funny one. Let me know if you still don't get it. We laugh most of the part of the movie.

Nothing to do this weekend? Go for a movie and I bet that Pink Panther II will make your day!!!


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