CANDID SHOT of Chinese New Year

This year Chinese New Year is a real nice one for me or I can describe it as super duper fantastic. I get to meet new friends, get to visit relatives, get to see those who had not been seeing for ages relative and see them growing up and also a sign of me getting old, and also get to take lots and lots of pictures. This post is going yo be a long one and of course with lots of pictures to make my post livelier. Enjoy reading it ya!

26 January 2009 - First Day of CNY

-pEi- & daddy
It's been a long time I did not take pictures with daddy.
He lost some pounds and he looks older than before but no matter how he looks he is still my buddy daddy.
mummy & daddy
fen, -pEi- & jOu
sis, jOu, fen & -pEi-
cHiN & -pEi-
sis & bro
posting for the shot, I personally love this picture except the hair.......=.='''
Lion Dance
This is a must during Chinese New Year.
This is part of the chinese culture to have the lion dance and also the dragon.
How Wen, Chin, Pei sze, -pEi-, How Wei
We used to play together when we were kids. We do enjoy the time together and now we grow up and have our own path.
Chinese New Year we used to visit people's house from one to another.
There is snacks or can we call it tidbits? that we must have.
This is one of the popular snacks of Chinese New Year nowadays.
People getting concern of health that is why Taiwan came up with this chips.

We have food so drink is a must too.
You have to get rid your thirst when you eat too much isn't it?

27 January 2009 - Second Day of CNY

I had planned for a class reunion on this day. It is an OK one eventhough not much attending but I get to meet those I had not been seeing and contact since I graduated from high school and that is about 5 years ago. It was just like a blink of an eye and proves how fast time flies.

Michelle & -pEi-
mich, -pEi- & Jess
Daniel, Mich & -pEi-
-pEi- & Casper
Daniel, Mich, Casper & -pEi-
Daniel (my ex penolong ketua) & -pEi-
-pEi-, Iswandi, Aynoor & Tiong
Andrew & -pEi-
Group Photo

28 January 2009 - Third Day of CNY

These day is always the same. We would visit my dad ex-colleague house and get to it some of my favorite food.

For me, this is the best cai kueh in Miri. She had been selling it for years and she still maintaining the quality of it. YUMMY!!

After visiting dad's buddy, I join my own group of buddy. Garry's house is my next stop.
Garry, I know you would read this so send me the picture we took that day!!
I meet up with aLoM too at the same day. He is a skinny guy and nice to talk with too. Even there is sometimes that the environment tend to be silent but we managed to break the ice. And thanks to him for the treat that night. Remember next treat on me ya!

29 January 2009 - Fourth Day of CNY
Garry & ShirGarry
He is also the type that cannot get rid of his 'wife' (DSLR).
CHUNG the Pretty Boy
Shir & Sze the sweet girl

30 January 2009 - Fifth Day of CNY

Been visiting my youngest auntie house. She just came back from Sibu where his husband originally from.
Mummy & -pEi-


On my way back home I was stucked in the traffic jammed. I wonder why is this happening as no one is working yet on the fifth day of Chinese New Year.
I saw the second landslide happening. It was a really disaster. I wanted to post it on the same day but I can't find any cyber cafe available for me. But it is indeed an upset news. Miri had been non-stop raining since months ago. The land had been over feeding with water which makes the soil getting loose. Hopefully rain will stop and sun will shine more.

31 January 2009 - Sixth Day of CNY
Went out with my dear, Sylvia. Been not seeing her so so long. Missing her so much. It is great to hang out with her before she fly back to Kuching the next day.
In the evening, get to meet Das gor and manage to visit some of the forum members house. Get to watch a movie too at gor house. Quite satisfied with the visiting that day.hahahahaha

1 February 2009 - Seventh Day of CNY
Will be busy too on this day. Tend to go for more visit before departing back to KL the next day. Went to Florence house and pay her a visit. Wish to see her before leaving Miri and miss her too. Get to meet Sileast and also LB the moderator.
-pEi-, LB, Sileast, Florence
Sileast & KimGo

At night, promised Casper to had dinner with him at Siamese as it is his big day ma....
Overall the food is not bad from all of the comment I had gathered.
I am going to post something about Siamese about the food, so stay tuned for it too!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course last but not least, my own picture. Had not been camwhoring for a long time.


Anonymous said…
save some coca cola for me,i go visit your place later~happy chinese new year.
-pEi- said…
haha sure
but I won't be around wo..
I will be back Miri again on saturday
Just came over, you are always welcome
= FLoReNcE = said…
Wow....miss u much pei!!!

Waiting for u to come back to Miri again. :)

Soon!!!! See u soon!!! :)
-pEi- said…
miss u too flo....
I will be back soon!
Few more days to go.
Yeah shall see you soon!!
Donna Bong said…
i wonder why you didnt get my message.. but i think the yellow kelisa in your picture once belonged to me! :) CRAZY

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