Double Star

Went to Double Star last Saturday with my buddy buddies. Been not seeing her since last year. Miss her so much. Went out to have lunch with her and also hang out around Miri. Just wanted to do some comment on Double Star.

I had ordered Teppanyaki Chicken and her ordered Crispy Chicken. Both come with a bowl of rice and also a bowl of soup. Overall the service is not bad but I think there is room for improvement for the food.

The chicken that is cook instead of fried is just alright. Maybe I had high expectation on it to have better taste but still it is not bad. The sauce is a great combination but for those who love spicy would love to have more spicy taste of it.

For this crispy chicken, I think it is great! The crispy layer of the chicken is just great with the chicken. It is not too thick or thin to suit the chicken meat. You won't feel that it is too oily and you will love it with the rice.

Looking forward to try more of the food there. For more review you can visit MakanManiacs!


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