It is valentine's day. It should be a lovely and romance day for couples especially. This year I can see more flowers stall were set up everywhere. It was so so touching and lovely but too bad I am going to celebrate these day alone this year. I hadn't be single for so long so it is quite weird and odd for me. I am trying to used to it but this night is definitely a lonely night but I am glad I still have friends to be my companion.

Been looking at the newspaper this morning. Find out something really interesting....

I think number 18 really touching....
The gift of surprise that I received today. There is no name on it but I know who it is when the first time I received it from the Flower shop or whatever shop it is. Somemore it send it to my house. The one who gave me this, thanks a lot! It really made my day even I am now single. Thanks a lot.

Happy Valentine's EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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