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When out with my best best buddy last night to pavillion. Have a short but nice trip last night. It was actually my first time went out with them and had movie with them over her at KL. It was such a shamed for me because we had been more than 10 years friend and this is the first time we went out movie together. Just at KL, Miri is not counted.

It was a real jammed before we reach our destination. But never mind, we reached the destination safely. Went for dinner right after we reached. We found this when we reached. This is so so anotnished and makes ne said WOW!!! Can this be eaten ah??? Saw this at Lavender Bakery.

Can you see the name of the food?? Bamboo Charcoal Sandwich? Wah...bamboo and charcoal as ingredient to eat this oh??? Somemore I am wondering how they do it too??
Ok, forget about the bamboo charcoal. Time to search for food. I am hungry. I am attracted with the food there. Many varieties but lastly I choosen C:AYPOT.
Should be slide or slice? Wrong spelling?

I just love this. The soup taste so nice and fresh from the fish. It makes me feel warm in a cold condition.

Taiwan Food

After our dinner, it is time for MOVIE. Are you ready for the big show? Pavilion Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) is much more bigger and comfortable than you can imagine. I thought Sunway is good enough already who knows Pavilion is much much more better.

This is inside the cinema. This is the light. It is so beautiful in there. The seats is like what AirAsia mention XXL seats. Hahahaha.....Oh ya, I forget wat movie I watch ho. I am watching Pink Panther II. It was so so funny and hilarious.......I will make a post on it later. How do you pronounce this? Jo Jo Ba..... It is not as simple as you see. Think and the answer will be review soon.


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